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Who Are We?

DentMax Dental Clinics is a renowned establishment founded on the motto "health first," known as "Kahraman Orthodontics and Aesthetic Dental Clinic." It was established by Orthodontist Associate Professor Dr. Fatih Kahraman and Aesthetic Dentist Ayşe Nur Kahraman. DentMax Dental Clinic comprises expert dentists dedicated to professional ethical values and prioritizing health to provide excellent dental health treatments and aesthetic results.

Since its inception, DentMax has been recognized as a high-quality dental clinic, offering first-class dental services in a modern, high-tech clinical environment. Located on the European side of Istanbul, DentMax delivers excellence with the experienced hands of over 8 specialist doctors, proudly contributing to thousands of smiles worldwide. At DentMax, which offers a comprehensive range of dental treatments, you are in safe hands. We are delighted to welcome our valued patients to our clinic.

DentMax is a pioneering dental clinic offering innovative solutions in dental health and aesthetics. Our team of professional dentists utilizes modern technology and scientific advancements to provide our patients with high-standard services. Understanding the importance of smiling with health, we aim to maximize the smile aesthetics of people of all ages.

At DentMax, we offer comprehensive treatment methods to protect and improve your dental health. From general dentistry to orthodontics, implantology to cosmetic dentistry, we provide a wide range of services tailored to the needs of each patient. Helping our patients achieve healthy smiles is our passion.

We prioritize creating a comfortable and peaceful environment in our clinic. Ensuring that every patient feels safe and at ease at DentMax, we offer detailed information, transparent processes, and a compassionate approach. Our priority is to facilitate our patients' treatment processes and make their dental experiences enjoyable.

DentMax also places great importance on the principle of continuous education and development. Our team regularly receives training on the latest dental techniques and integrates this knowledge into our treatment processes. By staying up-to-date, we strive to achieve the best results and exceed our patients' expectations.

Trust DentMax to see the positive changes in your life from having a healthy and aesthetic smile. We are here to create healthy smiles and make you happy.

DentMax - Making You Smile with Health.


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Bakırköy / İstanbul 0 2125700033
09:00-19:30 Monday-Saturday
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09:00-23:00 Every Day

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