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  • On 22 January 1987, he was born in Balıkesir. He completed his kindergarten, primary and secondary school education in Balıkesir.
  • In the 2001 high school entrance exam, Fatih won the science high school and studied at T.C. Ziraat Bank Balıkesir Science High School.
  • During his high school years, he won a scholarship to study German at the Goethe Institut in Stuttgart, Germany and went to Schweabish Hall. In the following years, he continued his scholarship and studied German Language and Literature at the Goethe Institut.
  • He completed his university education at Istanbul University Faculty of Dentistry(Çapa Diş-2010). As a graduation thesis of the Faculty of Dentistry, he wrote and successfully defended his thesis "Root Canal Medicaments Used in Endodontic Treatments" and became a dentist. Kahraman, who graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Dentistry with the2ndplace, immediately afterwards, he won Atatürk University Faculty of Dentistry, Department of Orthodontics with the 1stplace and completed his doctorate education and assistantship after 6 years of orthodontic clinical experience.
  • In 2016, he received the degree of Doctor of Orthodontics (PhD) by writing and successfully defending his Orthodontic doctoral thesis (248 pages) on smile aesthetics with clinical application and 3D cephalometric analysis named 'Comparison of dentofacial and esthetic effects of miniscrew anchored intrusion system and classical incisor intrusion systems in deep bite patients'. At the same time, he made an oral presentation at the 14th International Congress of the Turkish Orthodontic Association.
  • He has completed his qualification training in transparent plates.
  • In 2018, he was invited to the International Asia Pacific Orthodontic Congress (APOC 2018) held in Boracay, Philippines and was asked to give a lecture on his work and successfully presented his subject. Again in 2018, he participated in many international and national congresses and made oral presentations and poster presentations in the field of orthodontics.
  • In 2018, he established the private practice "Kahraman Orthodontics and Aesthetic Dental Clinic" in Bakırköy Istanbul with his wife.
  • In 2019, he was invited to make an oral presentation to the Balkan Orthodontic Association.
  • Since 2016, he has been serving as Asst. Assoc. Prof. Dr. in the Department of Orthodontics at Eskişehir Osmangazi University Faculty of Dentistry, trying to train well-equipped orthodontists equipped with innovative ideas and attending 3rd, 4th and 5th grade Orthodontics courses of Faculty of Dentistry students.
  • He has participated in many national and international congresses and symposiums and has given lectures, oral and poster presentations in these congresses. He continues his academic studies with local and foreign publications in the field of orthodontics.
  • In the following years, in order to respond to the intense interest and interest from the patients in Kahraman Orthodontics and Aesthetic Dental Clinic , he established the licensed brand 'DentMaks Dental Clinics ' and started to serve under this roof company. With DentMaks, he has introduced the understanding of maximum satisfaction, maximum hygiene, maximum innovation, maximum naturalness, maximum efficiency, maximum service and started to represent our country in the world against foreign patients.
  • Dr Fatih decided to branch out in 2022 upon the demands received. As DentMaks Dental Clinics, 'DentMaks Balıkesir' was opened in Anatolia.
  • The Dentmaks ADSP family has reached a capacity of 7 seats and serves with a total of 14 health personnel, 4 of whom are specialists and 8 dentists.
  • Dr Fatih Kahraman is a member of American Association of Orthodontists (AAO), World Federation of Orthodontists(WFO), European Orthodontic Society (EOS), Turkish Orthodontic Society (TOD) Balkan Orthodontic Society and Turkish Dental Association (TDB).


Training in Transparent Plaque Treatments

- Complex Cases In Invisalign. Waddah Sabouni 2018 October istanbul

- Why Invisalign? Andrea Bazzucchi 2018 December Istanbul

- Plan My Case Vol.1. 2019 June Istanbul

- Invisalign Teen Summit. Alessandro Greco 2019 October Istanbul

- Future is Wireless. 2019 December istanbul

- Dsd Aligner. Kenji Ojima. 2020 Subat istanbul

- Align Summit. 2020 March istanbul

- Plan My Case Vol.2. 2021 October Istanbul

- Master Aligner Online Academy. Pedro Costa Monteiro, Isabel Floras Allen 2021

- Mastercoip. Ivan Malagon, Diego Pyedro. 2021 November Madrid

- Advanced Clear Aligner Technique Masterclass. Sandra Tai 2022 May istanbul

- 1st Turkish Aligner Association Congress. 2022 May istanbul

- Biomechanics In Vertical Discrepancies. Susanna Palma 2022 May Istanbul

- Align Summit. 2022 October istanbul

- Turkish Aligner Association Course. 2022 October Izmir

- Mastercoip Advanced. Ivan Malagon, Diego Pyedro. 2022 November Madrid

- Master Aligner Online Academy. Pedro Costa Monteiro, Isabel Floras Allen. 2022

- Rock Align. Cihan Çapan 2022 December istanbul

- Turkish Aligner Association Course. 2023 Subat Istanbul

- Plan My Case Aligner Forum. 2023 March istanbul

- Graphy Aligner 4.0. the future of aligners, make it yourself. Ravi Nanda, Kenji Ojima, 2023 March Istanbul

- 4 Days Intensive Course. Susanna Palma 2023 March Varsova

- Contemporary Aligner Therapies. Kamy Malekian. 2023 May istanbul

- 2nd Turkish Aligner Association Congress. 2023 May Istanbul

- Class 3 Aligner Treatment From Early Approach To Severe Cases Without Surgery. Alessandro Greco. 2023 May istanbul

- Align Summit. 2023 October Istanbul

- Aligner Pro. Enzo Pasciuti 2023 November in Bükres

- TPOA Aligner Congress. 2023 November Hamburg

- Arturo Velo Hernandez, How to Plan Your Surgical Cases Successfully 2023 November Istanbul

- Mastercoip Advanced. Ivan Malagon, Diego Pyedro. 2023 December Madrid

- TPOA Aligner Congress Online. 2021 November Cologne

- EAS Congress, 2024 February Valencia


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